Making IT Work

Let’s face it, your technology has to work when you need it. Time spent rebooting, reconfiguring or troubleshooting is time wasted for your business. Through both proactive and reactive support and assistance, Inspired By Technology can keep your technology working and delivering. We have a flexible approach to support and will tailor support to suit your individual needs.

If your business doesn’t require, or can’t justify having full-time IT support but needs the assurance of a “virtual” IT Department that you can call on when necessary, then let Inspired By Technology be your IT Department. We will provide a helpdesk service which allows us to remotely troubleshoot using LogMeIn technology or provide on site support if required.

In addition our proactive monitoring service can often ensure that system issues and faults can be identified at an early stage and addressed before they impact on productivity and disrupt the day to day activities of your business.

The list below gives a flavour of some of the ways we can make your IT work:

Server Monitoring

  • A server crash can severely impact your organisation and forewarned is forearmed as they say.  Our server monitoring service can be tailored to provide you with the following

    • Be alerted to a server crash or downtime even if no one is in the office.
    • Immediate notification to a new error or issue that may need immediate
      attention 24×7.
    • Monitor email reliability.
    • Monitor server performance.
    • Identify unauthorised access attempts.

    Proper monitoring can also identify problems early and allow you to plan for hardware changeovers and software updates rather than have them disrupt your working week.

Helpdesk Support

  • When you need a helpdesk its important that you speak to someone quickly who knows your business, your technology and more importantly can start resolving problems immediately.  With Inspired By Technology, there is no first and second line support – only total support.  Furthermore, we understand that business is no longer 9 till 5 and will tailor your support accordingly.LogMeIn Rescue allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose and resolve problems, transfer files or check the health of your PC, Server, iMac, Ipad or even your Blackberry using secure Internet connections. Whether you are working at home, the office or simply on the move, we can provide the following remote services:
    • Quickly and easily connect and manage remote user sessions anywhere,anytime
    • Solve problems quickly with fast remote control and file transfer
    • Use Technician Screen Sharing to perform ad-hoc training
    • Troubleshoot with a complete systems diagnostics toolkit

Proactive Maintenance

  • Prevention is always better than cure.  Through our range of monitoring, reporting and documentation services we can help you identify problems or issues before they impact on your business.
    • Server and PC monitoring
    • Technology audit
    • Planned Maintenance days
    • Detailed documentation highlighting a replacement/maintenance timescale

Parts and Repairs

  • We carry a range of spare parts at all times, and through our links to
    the major hardware and software vendors and distributors we can supply
    and install parts or provide on-site repairs.

Your technology investment is a precious business asset and whilst being connected to the world is great for business, taking the proper steps to protect your network and ultimately your business is essential. Through our extensive experience of supplying anti-virus, firewall, web policing products plus our partnerships with SmoothWall, AVG, Cisco and NetIntelligence, we are able to advise you on the right protection measures for your business. In addition we can advise on the user policies and procedures that are required to accompany the roll-out of network policing products.


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