FTTC High Speed Internet in Eyemouth


Affordable high speed Internet connectivity has finally arrived in Eyemouth. Our connectivity partners have suggested that an average download speed of 24.3MB with uploads at 5.3MB should be achievable for all lines connected to the Eyemouth telephone exchange at a price of roughly £50 per month.  To put this into some sort of perspective, the current average download speed through an ADSL connection in Eyemouth is around 6.5Mps with a pathetic upload speed of 0.4Mps.

Inspired By Technology have worked with clients in other parts of Scotland that have had the benefit of this level of Internet service for several years.  If your business needs a reliable and robust connection to the Internet, and lets face it, most of us do regardless of the sector we work in, then fibre optic broadband is a game changer.

Some of the key benefits of high speed Internet connectivity excluding the obvious, that online resources are quicker to access and there is no annoying buffering when watching BBC iPlayer include:

  • Internet Telephony – Will run easily without the need for extra Internet circuits.
  • Multimedia uploads and file sharing is much quicker due to the faster upload speeds.
  • Data sharing and use of Dropbox is no longer a 10 minute wait for large file transfers.
  • Connecting up to offices or premises elsewhere is easy and it’s possible to integrate data sharing and telephony.

Feel free to drop us an email at info@inspiredbytechnology.co.uk or pop in to DoubleClick in Market Place if you need some advice or information.

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